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Treatment For Dark Circles Under The Eyes

treatment for dark circles under the eyes

Treatment for dark circles under the eyes

No one likes dark circles under their eyes, they make us look tired and unhealthy. How to we treat these dark circles? Before we talk about treatment for dark circles under the eyes I would like to discuss why these dark circles occur.

Causes of dark circles under our eyes

Genetics play a part in the development of dark circles under the eyes, uou are more likely to have dark circles if either of your parents had this condition.

Dark circles can occur with aging. As we age, our cheek pad drops which leads to a hollowed out appearance. This hollowed out appearance can give the appearance of dark shadows. As I mentioned in another post, we age we lose collagen in our skin when we age. The underlying blood vessels are more prominent when the skin is thin, this gives the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Those of us who have fragile blood vessels are also more likely to develop dark circles, thinned wall blood vessels are predisposed to leaking. This Leakage of blood cells accumulates in the tissues around the eyes. People on steroids for prolonged periods of time have a higher risk of fragile blood vessels. 

Sleep deprivation can cause eye swelling and discoloration, especially if you are rubbing your eyes.

Allergies and sinusitis can cause swelling and discoloration.

Diet will play a part in lower eyelid swelling and discoloration. Diets high in salt will increase your risk of eye swelling.

Alcohol and caffeine leads to dehydrated skin, making dark circles under eyes more obvious.

Dry skin conditions such as eczema can cause discoloration which gives the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Too much sun exposure can also darken the eyelid skin causing discoloration. Sun exposure breaks down elastin and collagen leading to thinning of the skin.

Treatment for dark circles under the eyes -Prevention

You have been following my posts you know that I usually promote prevention. It is easier prevent dark circles rather than try to treat them.

Ensure you are using a sunscreen and wear glasses as much as you can to protect the delicate skin under the eyes. Your eyeglass prescription should be up to date to help prevent squinting.

Help prevent allergy attacks. Consider antihistamines if you have a tendency to develop allergies, rubbing your eyes can damage the fragile skin.

Use a gentle eye make up remover. My oil cleanser is gentle and can help remove eye makeup. Try to pat the makeup away with small strokes, never rub the eyes.

Get plenty of sleep, try to get at least 8 hours a night. Your eyes may swell when you do not get the proper sleep, this swelling can damage the blood vessels and skin.

Drink plenty of water. Dehydration will make the appearance of dark circles worse.

Treatment for dark circles under the eyes DIY

Potatoes, avocado, tea bags, cucumber, mint and tomatoes have been used to help lighten the skin.

The tannins in tea are thought to help calm the skin.

If you decide to use try these do it yourself recipes make sure you try small amounts at a time. Allergies and irritation can develop with anything applied to the skin.

Simply things like elevating the head when you are sleeping  can help, it helps prevent swelling and pooling of blood. Consider using an allergy free pillowcase. Evolon Allergy Pillow Protector | Standard Zippered Encasement | Dust Mite, Bed Bug, and Allergen Proof Cover

To constrict the blood vessels under the eye skin, try using some ice for a few minutes when you wake up. Try holding a cold compress or a chilled teaspoon against the area to make these vessels constrict.Amazon sells thede rollers which may help milk some of the fluid from the lower eyelid ESARORA Ice Roller for Face & Eye,Puffiness,Migraine,Pain Relief and Minor Injury,Skin Care Products (Blue)

Follow up with an eye serum such as “Puffy” which has caffeine in it. The caffeine can help shrink the blood vessels.

Treatment for dark circles under the eyes -Ingredients

Retinoids can help reduce under eye discoloration. It can also increase collagen which will help decrease the appearance of blood vessels. Skin irritation can occur with retinoids, ensure you only use this product once to twice a week to start.

Caffeine can help vasoconstrict the blood vessels.

Most lightening products work by blocking melanin production.

Kojic acid is a natural skin-whitening agent from Asia. It comes from rice wine, also known as sake. It can help prevent melanin production. Unfortunately, Kojic acid can be irritating to the skin. If you buy a product with this ingredient use small amounts first to ensure there is no reaction.

Licorice extract can help lighten dark circles caused by rubbing and sun damage.

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant which can help with sun damaged skin, it can also prevent further sun damage. Vitamin c can help build collagen which can lead to thicker skin. Thicker skin will help cover blood vessels under the skin.

Vitamin K is thought to decrease discoloration under the eyes.

Soy rice peptides are considered safe, EWG Skin Deep gives soy peptides a safety rating of one. They are thought to reduce puffiness and well as discoloration. I have included soy rice peptides in “Puffy”

Some under eye products contain peptides which can help hydrate the skin. Some manufacturers of these peptides site studies that show improvement in tightening of the skin. These studies are limited and may be biased since they are performed by the manufacturer.

Essential oils such as Rose Geranium, Lavender and Cypress may help decrease dark circles.

Treatment for dark circles under the eyes -makeup

Let’s look at the color of these dark circles more in detail.

A bluish hue is usually caused by blood vessels. Remember the skin allows the blue wavelengths to penetrate the skin, this is why our blood vessels appear blue.

A reddish hue is usually caused by irritation  of the skin.

Darker brown colors are usually caused by too much melanin products which gives pigment to our skin.

Treatment for dark circles under the eyes -Make up

Try to use a shade lighter to highlight the area.

If you have a bluish hue from blood vessels use a peach concealer.

If there is a reddish hue, consider using a green toned concealer.

Treatment for dark circles under the eyes -Lasers

Lasers can help shrink blood vessels making them less visible.

Treatment for dark circles under the eyes  -Fillers

If there is a shadowing from hollowness a filler can help restore volume which can help decrease the shadowing. Ensure you go to a reputable physician. There is always a risk of lumps in this area under the eye as the skin is thin. Although we like to use products that last longer this is one area that shorter acting fillers should be considered as they are generally thinner and less likely to cause lumps.

What is your treatment for dark circles under the eyes?

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  1. Great Blog! There are some different treatments for dark circles under the eyes. But the usage of eye cream is very effective and quite cheap compared to other treatments. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love these tips and also the hints at what is really going on and why those dark circles appear in the first place. I am currently having some allergy issues and will try some of your remedies.

  3. Hi Sharon,

    Your title got me hooked. I have had dark circles under my eyes forever. I notice it when I eat dairy….must be an allergic reaction hugh? I use make-up a shade lighter all the time, but I would like to get rid of them naturally. It’s been a while since I’ve used cucumbers on my eyes. I didn’t know there were other veggies I could use for this and I just jotted them down. Guess it is about time I created some portion of my day to pay more attention to this.
    I thank you for your awesome advice.


  4. Hi Sharon,
    I use concealer to cover.

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