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4 Steps To Better Skin

Step 1 Gently Cleanse The Face?

There are two cleansers that I sell.
I like these cleansers because they do not dry my skin.
For aging dry skin consider Luminous Nutrient Rich Cleanser
If you are prone to blemishes consider  Rebalance Purifying Cleanser

Step 2 Exfoliate The Skin

I use Reveal Pads which have alpha  hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids which can help exfoliate the skin, decrease fine lines and lighten age spots.

Learn about why you should exfoliate in this article.

 Step 3 Apply Peptide Lotion

This peptide cream helps plump up dry skin and give a healthy glow. If you look at the ingredients, peptides are high on the list compared to other creams where peptides are lower on the list. Youthful Quattro Peptide will decrease fine lines, redness and hydrate the skin.

 Step 4 Moisturize the Skin

It is important seal the prior treatments and moisturize the skin.

For dry aging skin consider Hydralift Moisturizer.

For blemish prone skin consider Hydralift Oil-free Moisturizer.

Buy the 4 step regime together and save over $60.00

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