Business Coaching

Feeling Stuck? I have been there. I was able to develop skills to propel myself forward and so can you.

I have experience with,

Relieve burn-out and stress.

business coachingI will help you understand  the current causes of career dissatisfaction. With this information we can help define whether your current position can be improved or modified. If we see that there are little alternatives to job satisfaction with your current job we can help define what to avoid in a current job to avoid recurrence of dissatisfaction.

We can work together to determine your goals and interests.  We will clarify life goals and ensuring that you will be a priority We can determine what careers fit into your desired lifestyle and create a strategy to obtain your selected career. We will analyze your skill set and determine how you can easily develop new skills. I will help with career Strategies as well as career search. We can help rewrite your resume and work on interview skills.

I am the founder of Female Physician Entrepreneur Group which currently has over 3000 members. The experience has offered me many opportunities to see what works and what doesn’t. Let me share this experience with you.

Business Development

Business Start Up

Product & Invention Development Assistance

Development of elevator Pitches and assistance with obtaining an investor if need be.

Social Media set-up and growth. It is important that you have an online presence so that others may find you. This will increase your business opportunities.

Business branding.

Defining your target audience

Digital and online marketing materials as well as business card design.

Web & Graphic Design

Photo analysis as well as editing services

Publicity Generation.

Personal coaching

Work & Life Balance Establishment

Becoming a speaker

Instruction on obtaining Speaker, Author, & Expert Status

Physician coaching

Working From Home

Physician Burnout

Non clinical Medicine

If you are willing to make changes I would love to work with you!

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