About Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS

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Thank you for taking the time to look at our website. I am a board certified surgeon who enjoys helping others. I promote a healthy lifestyle and try to present health information in an easy to understand format that will makes sense to you so that you can make healthier choices.

If you feel stuck and not sure what changes you need to make to move forward, I would love to chat. Are you tired and feel like there is never time for yourself?  I have been there. If this is you I would love to chat.

On skincare and looking better

I have dry aging skin which made me feel uncomfortable.  Making just a few changes,  skin transform has transformed. I believe that beautiful skin can empower and build confidence, I fell better with healthier skin. Do you want to learn the secrets to glowing skin? I have the secret and I would like to share it with you. With over 20 years of skin care knowledge, I can help you achieve the skin that you want. Skin care has come a long way. With newer technology and better delivery techniques you will start noticing the difference in just a week or two.

A lot of  skin care products on the market are laden with ingredients that are banned in other countries. Health has always been important to me. I had lymphoma when I was a teenager, it was then that I decided to go into medicine. The prior radiation and chemotherapy increases my risk for other diseases, I make a conscious effort to eat healthy, exercise and avoid chemicals in my personal care products. I am also an advocate for a safer environment.


Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS