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DIY Tomato Gel for Face to Remove Dark Spots, get Glass Skin & Treat Oily Skin


We all know that tomato is a food stuff but is has also been made place in the beauty world. Tomato is such a stuff that used in a variety of dishes. It’s very tasteful and also healthy and beneficial for our skin. The tomato( solanumlycopersicum) is a fruit from South Africa. Tomato is a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin k. A tomato contains 95% water and 5% carbohydrates and fibre. Consumption of tomato and tomato based products can improve your health and skin. Tomatoes are considered too much beneficial for our skin health. The high percentage of nutrients present in it make tomato a very good for your skin.

DIY tomato gel for face and skin: 

  • Ingredients:-
  1. 1 fresh tomato
  2. Honey
  3. Rose water
  4. Almond oil or vitamin E oil
  5. Glycerin
  6. Aloe Vera gel

How to make tomato gel: 

  • First of all take a fresh tomato and cut it into two halves and then with a help of a grater grate the tomato finely. If you don’t have a grater then cut the tomato into cubes and put it in a mixer and grind well. In both of the ways you will have a smooth and pulpy mixture.
  • After that to smoothen the consistency of the pulp add approximately 1 tea spoon rose water in it. Mix well. Then strain the mixture with the help of a strainer nicely. If you don’t like to do this, you can take out the juice of the tomato using a juicer, then do all the procedures.Now, it’s time to make the tomato cream, that makes your skin lightened, whitened, spotless, wrinkle free, clear, blemish free, fair and glowing.
  • To prepare the cream you firstly have to take about two and a half tea spoon tomato juice in a clean bowl. After that add 1 tea spoon honey in it. Then after the honey add 1 tea spoon glycerin and half tea spoon almond oil or vitamin E oil. If you want to use vitamin E capsule then use two in it. Mix all the ingredients nicely and gently to make a smooth texture.
  • Lastly add 2-3 tea spoon aloe Vera gel. You can use aloe Vera gel of any brand. Mix it well until it becomes a smooth, creamy and a lump free mixture. Consistency of the cream should not be very thick or not so running, it should be medium, fluffy, lump free, smooth and creamy.

How to store the tomato cream:

  • The process of storing this cream is very simple. You have to follow just some easy steps. You have to put the cream into a air tight container then you can store it into refrigerator for 10-15 days.
  • You can store the cream in normal temperature for 3-4 days in a air tight container.
  • You can also store the tomato gel in the form of ice cubes.

How to apply the tomato gel:

  • Take small quantity and apply gently on your face with your fingers.
  • You can also use it as a face mask. Take some gel and just dab it on your face with your fingers, don’t massage. After 10-15 minutes wash it.
  • You can apply it with cotton.
  • If you have stored the tomato gel as ice cubes then you can rub it on your whole face.
  • Wash your face and wipe gently with a soft towel.
  • Repeat this process 2-3 times a week for better result.

Benefits of the tomato gel:

  • Lightens the skin: There is a large amount of antioxidants and vitamin C, the natural bleaching elements that help us to whiten and lighten our skin tone. It also helps us to reduce pigmentation, dullness, and dark spots. Applying tomato gel daily on your face would result a glowing skin.
  • Reduce acne and pimples:For natural and chemical free solution to get rid of acne, you should definitely try tomato gel. Tomato juice is antibacterial and antifungal and consists of the acidic content, vitamin A,K, and C, which reduce the pimples from your skin. It’s very safe to use and too much effective for acne reduction.
  • Reduce blackheads: Tomatoesmaintain the pH level of our skin with the help of the acidic properties in it. Excessive oil and dirt fills up the open pour over our face, which converts later into the blackheads, which is very irritating. The acidic properties of the tomato removes the excess oil and dirt from your skin. Thus we can get rid of the irritating blackheads. 
  • Anti aging:There is a large amount of antioxidants in a tomato, which can stop your age. With the increasing of our age our skin get crinkled, full of wrinkles and all of us want to get rid of this for an enduring skin. We all want soft and smooth skin. The high amount of antioxidants and enzymes help to fade away the fine lines and wrinkles and to reduce the dead skin cells. So that you will look a several ages younger than you are.
  • Treatment of Sunburn: For removing tan tomato gel is effective and positive using. In tomato gel the vitamins mollify the inflamed of the screen by restoring the dead skin cells. Not only that tomato gel also promoting a quick recovery redness and inflammation. tomato gel is so effective on sunburn because  85% of lycopene (red carotenoid presents in tomatoes) is actually obtained from tomato’s.

Notes of the side Effects: It is obvious to do a skin test before starting of use  of tomato gel for skincare. In some people tomatoes do side effects such as

  • Skin rashes
  • Irritation
  • Redness

Conclusion: To conclude, tomatoes have plentiful implementations on skin. Moreover tomato’s are inexpensive and very affordable and besides that easily available. That’s we should make use of them to get clear, glowing and for discoloration skin as well as looked younger aged.

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