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15 Ways To Use Rose Water for Beautiful Skin

rose oil for skin care


Rose water is a common thing to us. It is easy to get lost in heavenly fragrance of rose water. Basically it is an indispensable agent in the beauty segment. Since ancient times, rose water has been used medicinally, nutritionally and as a source of perfume. We can see it is mentioned that the Egyptian Cleopatra used rose water for her beauty. 

What is Rose water :

Rose water is fragrant water prepared by steeping or steaming petals. It contains about 20%-50% of rose oil, which is one of its major by-products obtained by distilling rose flower. 

Preparation of Rose water at home:

  • Roses should be washed for minimum 3-4 times. 
  • Take one fourth cup of dried or half cup fresh rose petals in a sauce pan and pour one and a half cup of water in it.
  • Now wait till the water boils. 
  • Once the water boils, lower the flame and allow the water to simmer and soak up the color and essence of the rose petals.
  • Be sure about that the petals are faded or colorless. 
  • This process should take few minutes. Now wait for the water to be cooled. 
  • Now remove the rose petals and store the water in a container. 
  • Once it is cooled down completely, put it in the refrigerator for about one week before you start using.

Usage of rose water for skin:

Rose water is used in various ways such as for flavoring, medical usage, for its beautiful perfume, and obviously for skin care. Rose water has always been a favorite among those who want beautiful and flawless skin. Here we can see several benefits of using rose water. 

Rose water for moisturizing:

For those who have dry skin, they can use rose water adding with glycerin and sandalwood powder and apply this pack on face for like half and hour. It will help to slow down the ageing process and moisturize the skin. Alternatively , one can add Basil leaves in rose water and keep it in freezer and apply it on skin twice or thrice a day. It will help them to get acne free skin. It also helps to reduce dark spots , heals skin from pigmentation. 

Healing the skin:

The antibacterial properties of rose water make it a good essential when it comes to heal scars, wounds, any type of cuts. The best way to use it to soak a cotton ball in rose water and apply it on the affected areas. Generally after using for some days it starts to reducing the scars. Since rose water contains rose oil, it also keeps our skin healthy. 

Rose water to balance skin pH level:

Our skin has a pH between 4.1- 5.8 .The pH of rose water is usually between 4.0-4.5. It has been seen that regular usage of rose water on skin helps in retaining the pH balance of skin. Regular usage of rose water on face makes our face soft and supple. Also leaving rose water on face over night brings a beautiful pink glow on face. Rose water for sunburns and rashes:

Taking massage of skin with rose water and essential oil and keeping it for over night thrice a week helps our skin to heal damages from UV rays. It also makes our skin soft, shinny and healthy. Adding rose water with tomato juice and applying it on face can be used as suntan remover. Rose waters toning benefits:

Applying rose water on face makes our face skin baby soft. A herbal face pack of honey, rose water, lemon juice, fullers earth help us to cure pimples and marks on face . Adding a little of camphor in rose water can be a good toner for our skin. Anti Inflammatory effect:

To treat redness and inflammation, applying rose water is a perfect way. By regular using rose water spray on face its anti inflammatory properties help to cure overheated or irritated skin. 

Effects on dandruff:

Dandruff is a common problem to us. Rose water also help us on this problem too. Glycerin with rose water help us to sort out the dandruff problem. Using of rose water on hair also smells good. 

Rose water as a lip stain:

Let take small pieces of beetroots and place them into a oven overnight, and the  make its powder and make a thick paste of it adding rose water. It will help our lips to get pink tint on it, make our lips soft.  And the main thing is it’s all natural. We can use wax with rose water and beetroot paste over night on our lips to make it glossy and rosy. 

For dark circles:

Soak a cotton ball into cold rose water and apply it on dark circles. It will help us to get rid off the dark circle problem. To get better results we can use olive oil with it. It will make skin bright and soft. 

Anti ageing effects:

A daily use of rose water on our skin will help us on this problem. It also will make our skin wrinkle free, will tone our skin and will remove pigmentation and brighten our skin. 

Effect on our eyes:

Rose water is known to remove dirt. So a few drops of rose water in our eyes makes our eyes clean and healthy. This is one of the best usages of rose water. 

Body treatment:

We can use rose water on our body mixing with our regular body cream or almond oil. It will help us to get healthy skin. As of its beautiful fragment, we can take bath with rose water drops. It can make us feel better. Rose water with lemon juice and glycerin mixture can be used as body lotion. 

Rose water for hydration:

Taking 5 spoon of rose water with 3spoon of honey, and applying it on our skin for half and our will hydrate and moisturize our skin. As honey has hydrating property , so with rose water it has an excellent effect on our skin. 

Treatment of blemishes:

At first make a pack of rose water, curd, sandalwood powder. Then apply it on skin for half an hour. The pack will help our skin to get free from any type of blemishes problems. It also make our skin light. It is also effective for dirk circles.

                Except all these rose water has too many benefits for our skin care. 

Side effects of rose water:

Though rose water has plenty of good effects on our skin, some times it becomes allergic to few people. We can have some of these like

• Irritation

• Rashes

• Burning sensation. 


         In conclusion we can say that rose water is very useful essential for our skin care. And it is easy gettable at market with a very low price. And it can be prepared at home simply. And the best thing is it is herbal. Today’s generation spend a lot of money using costly chemical cosmetics. But rose water can be the best alternative to them with its all natural effect. 

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