We all want to look and feel young since time immemorial and no one can deny this fact. But sadly, we still did not find any solution to it since aging is inevitable. But it still is in our hands to feel young, maybe not be young. Hence, we have compiled a few skincare tips that will keep up your glow and what to do and what to avoid.


The first and foremost skincare step, cleansing. This step is no surprise since we are doing it since we were kids. Washing or deep cleansing the face twice a day, after and before bed, is mandatory. Even though we need those oils for the revitalization of the skin, but those same oils block the pores and do not let the skin breathe. Use a mild, gentle face wash or cleaning foam or cleansing milk. Do not rub vigorously or else it might start creating wrinkles in the long run. Do it in circular mode with gentle pressure. Do not use body soaps because they make your skin extremely dry. Never pull your skin downward which loosens the skin eventually. Look for the chemical ingredients. Consult a doctor or a beauty expert if required. Do not simply jump for the chemical ones. There is a wide range of face washes catering to every kind of skin.


The level of the harshness of products determines a lot of things about the premature aging of the skin. Do not even dare to use the loofahs, they rub your face vigorously. They are okay for the entire body but face. Use a soft makeup sponge for the washing purpose but do not use them for long. Change them every month since they collect all the germs off your face, and even though you might be cleaning them after use, they do not wash away all of the bacteria. Same with your makeup brushes and sponges. Beauty experts and even doctors advise to change them once they start eroding. The brush tips start hardening with time and will poke your skin. When it comes to body, use a soft loofah, maybe the expensive ones, because of the materials used for making. Choose natural ones over synthetic. Again, do not rub vigorously.


Toners are used basically for the pulling out of the dirt from the deeper roots. You will notice that even after cleaning your face with a face wash, you will see that toner will still bring out some black dirt. Witch hazel is great for clarifying the skin, while rose water toner is highly reviewed for its long-lasting scent and hydrating effects. You can also use micellar water if you are taking out your makeup. Take some toner in a cotton ball and just swipe it across the face. Clean up the blackheads, because that thing is not even kicked-off by the face wash or cleansing milk. Choose one which suits your skin. Look out for the back of the package. Products range from the temporary, chemical ones to the herbal ones.


Apart from cleaning your face with a face wash and cleansing milk and toner, it is also recommended to exfoliate your skin twice a week. Exfoliators help to get rid of the dead skin cells. But they range from soft scrubs to extreme ones. It is very important to choose the mild ones since many people rashes or red spots after scrubbing or exfoliating. Exfoliate after you cleanse to avoid pushing any dirt into your pores- that could backfire and create more blackheads and whiteheads. Now, there comes 2 types, the physical ones (the scrubs and sponges) which can be used with any facewash, and on the other hand, the liquid ones which come in bottles, tubes, and tubs. Again, be careful while choosing, and don’t be hard on the skin.


After the above steps of cleansing, scrubbing and toning, move towards the skin serum. Cell regeneration slows down once we hit aging, and brings down the vitality and radiance of the skin, and the essential nutrients get depleted, losing the hydration. With the passing years and the damage caused by environmental factors like UV rays, our skin gets dull and parched. Hence, with the application of the serum, the skin smoothens and becomes softer after the rough cleaning session. Use it twice a day before moisturizing the skin. Pour a few drops of serum on your palm or a cotton ball and apply it over the face as well as on the neck till it gets dry. Wait for a few seconds before jumping to the next step, moisturizing.


Just like cleaning, moisturizing is already ingrained in us since the beginning. According to our doctor, moisturizer coddles your skin and provides the required hydration. No matter the season, moisturizer does wonder. They prevent dryness and restores the lost moisture. Since they restore the oil to the skin, hence preventing premature aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. They do not let your skin shrink and averts flakiness of the skin cells. After all these good deeds, moisturizer also helps to soothe the sensitive skins, soothing the rashes and allergies. Remember always to go for upper strokes rather than downward strokes while massaging the skin. On the other hand, Most of the wrinkles and fine lines start from under and around eyes. It is recommended to use a retinol-based eye cream to help prevent and solve texture issues, but also keep in mind that too much retinol would do the opposite, or else it will lead to irritation around the eyes. If you are worried about the dark circles that you also bagged along with your goals, then we also have the solution. Dark circles are a sign of stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, and also your hard works. Now say goodbye to them with these simple steps. Take some ice cubes in a cloth and gently pat or rub under your eyes. This will cause the blood vessels to constrict.

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