Just when you thought that your skin would be glowing during the lockdown, since it is saved from the attacks of pollution, your unwanted guests and arch nemesis are already popping off your skin. And it is frustrating to see those red dots, even though you are taking of your skin, now that you, at last, got time to do so. Then, what is going wrong? You are not even wearing makeup and being careless about skin health? The answer might be isolation skin. Yes, there is a thing like this. Isolation skin is that kind of skin that results from the changing lifestyles (like the sudden change of lifestyle due to the outbreak of the virus) as well as emotional well-being. And it is definitely not easy to just adopt a new way of living out of nowhere. Just as we are figuring out the effect of the coronavirus on our livelihoods, routines, work culture, relationships with family, friends, and partners as well as psychological changes, our skin is kind of confused too and figuring out the missing parts. But do not worry. Acne, pimples, blackheads, etc. are absolutely normal, and a slight difference to the skin can give rise to them. Hence, we found some reasons why such a thing is happening and wrote the reasons down below, along with the solutions.


Now that we are almost free all the time and binge-watching our favorite shows on Netflix, it is inevitable that we are also going to binge-eat while going deep into our favorite thriller shows (by the way, have you watched Dark yet? If not, please do). Most of the people are storing junk foods, like chocolates, chips, greasy foods, processed foods, etc. and here comes the saddest part. Almost everything that tastes good causes acne, from your cylinders of Pringles to the fried chicken nuggets. Apparently, if we are putting more fat and grease in our mouth, eventually they will find their way to the oil glands in the skin. But don’t freak out, you don’t need to go through strict dietary restrictions in order to treat acne. The solution is don’t overeat. We have a tendency to overeat when our eyes are glued to the screen. Apart from chocolates and greasy items, food items like carrots, egg yolk, spinach, cold drinks, artichokes, etc. are blamed for acne, and it is nearly impossible to avoid all these and one shouldn’t do or else the body would be deprived of necessary nutrients and fats. Pay attention to your nutritional intake. Rather it is seen that acne caused due to external factors like makeup and oil smeared on your skin. Ordinary moisturizers and makeups may cause or aggravate acne.


Yes, the situation is very grave now and stress is bound to happen. The first step is to get rid of the news. You don’t have to listen to the number of cases rising or the number of deaths happening in the country. If it makes you feel better, note down the number of patients recovering and how people are fighting COVID and coming out successful. Emotional stress like anxiety, worry, tension, psychological trauma can sometimes play an important role in the birth of acne. Biologically, when stress occurs, the hypothalamus (the lower portion of the brain) stimulates the pituitary gland (master gland of the body) to produce more hormones, which again stimulates the adrenal gland (releasing androgen), which affects the oil glands, resulting into the popping up of the red dotes on our skin. The only solution here is stress management and reduction.


This reason is mainly for the students who went back to their homes due to the lockdown. There had been several types of research regarding how location change (hence a climate change) can give rise to acne and the reasons are conflicting. Dermatologists have identified a condition called “tropical acne,” which is a very severe form seen in areas of great heat and humidity. Yet the case varies from place to place.


We all have to agree on this. We are moving a lot less now. Even our office/ university lifestyle made us move our bodies. But now, we are slouching all the time. This is resulting in less blood flow in our system, which actually reduces the inflammations and thus resulted in increased redness and pimples. Skin therapist Tegan Mac says, “It is one thing to be outside in fresh air, which is great for our skin, but sweating is a way we detox. When we sweat, blood circulates and comes to the surface, and blood has all the good stuff in it. Exercise is a great way to get oxygen and nutrients to the skin, so if your exercise routine has changed, this could be impacting your skin too.”

Now that we are able to identify what is causing all the fuss, it is time to find the solutions.


Before the advent of chemical solutions at the stores, people used to seek solutions from the natural ingredients and this is the time when you should too. Make a natural mask of honey and yogurt and spread it evenly on the face. Keep it for 30 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. You can also use a papaya puree instead of honey.


One should incorporate anti-stress management strategies into their every life because by now you know that it has become your best friend and will never leave your side. Do some yoga or Zumba (search on the internet if required), video call your old friends and colleagues, meditate, go for a bubble bath, and try out the new hobbies. Anything that will distract your mind. Consult a psychologist if needed. The gnawing tensions might not let you sleep properly and this leads to health problems like insomnia. If you are not lactose intolerant, then have a glass of warm milk with ground almonds one hour before bedtime. Or have a cup of camomile tea. Camomile tea has calming effects which will slow down your anxieties and help you sleep. One can also use scented candles, which will act as aromatherapy. Make sure your bed is clean and comfortable. Try not to watch or do anything that involves screen timing. Read a book or meditate before going to sleep. Note that, you also might need to make some lifestyle changes in order to sleep well.


Don’t forget to wash away the toxins from your face. Oil and dirt can still accumulate on your face even you are inside your house. Don’t use harsh body soaps. Rather for a mild medicated face wash or cleansing milk. Ask a dermatologist about the products, if your acne is a serious issue. If required, moisturize the face as well, so that it does not get dry and becomes flaky.

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