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15 ways of how to look younger than your actual age


With the passage of age, we are bound to grow old. Ageing is a natural process which cannot be paused by us but, we can take care of our skin well to look younger than we really are. You must have noticed that your grandmother still has the youthful glow at her 80s and your 20 years skin looks more damaged than that of hers. The pollution in the environment, food habits, harmful rays of the Sun accelerate the ageing process of our skin, making it look dull which further makes us look older. Getting old is not a thing to be ashamed of but don’t we all dream of skin that glows with a natural blush! 

Here are 15 steps to make yourself look younger than what you really are: 

  1. Good sleep

Sounds easy! Well it is. We all enjoy sleeping but with the amount of time we spend on our phones have resulted in reduction of our sleeping time. Eight hours of quality sleep gives our skin a natural lift ensuring the glow remains intact. So, put your phone aside and sleep an uninterrupted sleep. 

  1. No Junk Food

Junk food increases the toxic rush within the body. The blood that flows throughout the body should remain unaffected by these toxins in order to make your skin look younger. Try replacing your junk food with mineral and nutrient rich food items. Eat seasonal fruits to get that cherry glow around your cheeks. The nutrients present in the fruits and vegetables helps in removing the toxins from the body without any extra effort. Replace your junk with healthy food to see that natural glow. 

  1. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! 

Did you drink water in the last half an hour? No! Take a few sips right away! You just had? Well, one more sip won’t harm you! 

Human body is made 70% of water. This 70:30 ratio is to be maintained efficiently to remain energetic throughout the day. Water is known for its miraculous property of removing toxins from the body. Along with water, you can also go for water rich fruits like watermelon, cucumber and  oranges. 

  1. Use sunscreen 

Everything requires a shield to protect itself from the rays of the Sun. Similarly, our skin also requires a shield to keep its glow and moisture intact. Experts suggest that one should use SPF 30 or more to ensure better protection. There are many products available in the market that contain sun protection ingredients. 

  1. Remove MakeUp before going to bed

No matter how tired you are after the last party, your skin needs to get rid of that makeup as soon as you decide to hit the bed. If you don’t remove that makeup, bacteria will develop on the surface of the skin clogging your pores that will further result in the outbreak of aches and pimples. After removing makeup, apply some Aloe Vera gel to ensure repair of the damaged cells. 

  1. Apply facepacks 

Set a day or two of the week to give yourself a relaxing self care hour. Wash your face properly, scrub and then apply your favourite facepack and relax in a peaceful place till it dries. This is like killing two birds with the same bow! You will feel relaxed and your skin will become smoother giving a fresh appearance. You can either use natural facepacks like Fuller’s earth and chickpeas or can go for the market available facepacks. 

  1. Take Supplements like Omega-3 fatty acids

Including supplements in your diet helps you maintain both your skin as well as your hair. Omega-3 fatty acid helps in improving the strength of hair, the glow of your skin and makes your nails stronger. These amazing properties all combined in one will definitely help you get better looking younger skin. 

  1. Exercise

If you are dreaming about a healthy looking skin and you skip working out, you won’t achieve the required target. If you prefer yoga over exercising, you can definitely go for it. Exercising regularly helps to remove the toxins from the body in the form of sweat. It increases blood circulation all over the body including the face. Facial exercises or facial yoga helps in increasing the blood circulation specifically on the face and neck giving them your desired look.  You can enjoy the added benefit of maintaining a fit body. Breathing exercises have shown great results on people’s faces. 

  1. Proper Diet 

Proper diet means eating on time. With the busy schedules that we tend to follow nowadays, we forget to follow the routine of our meals. Not just eating healthy but also eating properly on time will make your skin look younger and healthier. Results have shown that people who follow a planned eating schedule are less prone to the breakage of aches and pimples. Hence, this would eventually result in younger looking skin. 

  1. Day/ Night creams

There is a huge difference between the two creams. Day creams are for the day and night creams for the night! Day creams are more focused on preventing UV damage and moisturizing your skin while night creams are focused on repairing your skin off all the damage that it has been through. Night creams contain essential ingredients that are great for your skin as they repair the skin cells without interruptions of external damage. You should definitely include both in your routine to ensure younger looking skin for a long run. 

  1. Essential ingredients

Before buying any beauty products for your face, look into the ingredients. The products that contain retinol and peptide enhance the production of collagen in your skin, hence making you look youthful. You can also go for antioxidant rich products which include Acai berries, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and pomegranates which help to fight wrinkles. 

  1. Anti – wrinkle products

When you reach the age of 22-23, you can start using anti-wrinkle products. It is a myth that these products should be used after your skin starts showing fine lines. Prevention is better than cure! Using products based on anti-wrinkle benefits should be preferred over the others to intact your youthful glow. 

  1. Use quality Makeup products

NEVER go for products that are not a known brand in the makeup industry! Using low quality products will lead to skin cell damage and breakage of aches. Good quality Makeup products undergo proper testing and hence, are not damaging to your skin. Just remember to remove your makeup before going to sleep. 

  1. Use under eye cream

Eyes and the area near it are very sensitive. Experts suggest that you should use under eye creams for that area so as to reduce the amount of damage that could be caused to the eyes. Good quality products should be used for the purpose. They reduce dark circles and fine lines near the eyes. 

  1. Stay positive and happy

Happiness gives a natural blush to the face. So, why wait for it! Keep your mind positive and spread the joy within you onto your face! 

Follow the above suggestions in a disciplined manner and you will be overwhelmed with the compliments that follow. 

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