The world has shut down since March and still, there hasn’t been any sign of improvement in the condition. Every day seems like a dreading slow-motion movie and the chaos is always hovering over us. Life has become like the Jumanji featured film and doctors are still in the search of the jewel. But it seems the jewel is in our hands and we just need to utilize it wisely. Along with the whole system turning to e-system, we have also adopted the new way of hygiene- washing hands and wearing masks. These 2 deeds have been tagging with us for the last 4 months and there is no near possibility of getting rid of them. But with every pro come the cons, and there has been a birth of a newfound problem- erosion of skin cells resulting in dry skin with excessive hand washing and sanitizers, especially amongst the health care professionals. NYU professor, Dr. Mary Stevenson has something to say regarding the new lifestyle, “You are supposed to wash hands for 20 seconds and if one is doing it for the entire time, they might have issues, especially during the winters, with dry and cracked skin.” 

So, why does this happen? Soap and water mixture not only wash away the germs and dirt but also the essential skin oils that protect the skin, which leads to the dryness and ultimately flakiness of the skin. This makes the skin vulnerable and increases the risks of getting infected by the germs, and that would be the last thing on our list right now. On the other hand, hand sanitizers not only kill the microbes and viruses but also the debris, even though hand sanitizers are not cumbersome and easy to carry around. But the con is that hand sanitizers keep the bacteria on the hands only, and there might be chances of letting the bacteria enter inside the body. So, ultimately, everything comes with positive and negative aspects. Now, we need to find a solution to this problem. Do not worry. We have them listed here. Below are some simple steps which can be followed to keep your skin safe and you sane. 

1.       Moisturize

This is the simplest and most conventional step ever. Moisturize. After you are done with your 20-second daily ritual, pat your hands dry, and pour few drops of a non-greasy moisturizer and coat your palms and back of your hands properly. If possible, apply to your elbows. The moisturizer restores and retains the remaining hydration required by the skin. Go for the medical ones or the herbals, and try to avoid the branded ones for the time being. You can also use hand creams or body lotions if you don’t get hold of moisturizers. Just anything to nourish your skin. Hand creams are oil-based, whereas lotions are water-based, and hence hand creams have proved to be more effective when it comes to post-hand washing. They provide the skin whatever it requires. Try not to use others’ stuff, and make sure to carry your own belongings, since sharing might increase the risk of spreading of the virus. 

Woman Applying Lotion on Hand


Petroleum jelly or glycerine helps to heal dry skin. They are gentle and soothes the dryness, keeping it hydrated. Plus point, it helps to get rid of itchy skin as well.  Glycerine helps to retain the moisture as well as soaks the moisture from the air and is useful in every season.

Unbelievable Skin Benefits of Glycerin

3.       WEAR GLOVES

Doctors also say to avoid the erosion of skin, one can also wear gloves. It is recommended to wear a “use and throw” gloves and in that way you don’t have to deal with soap water again to wash your gloves. Even though you should wash your hands after throwing away the gloves, but still it reduces the fuss about the washing of hands. 

People Shaking Hands in Latex Gloves

4.       ALOE VERA GEL

Another important cure for the dry skin is aloe vera gel. It contains cooling elements which help to reduce irritation and itchiness and retains the moisture. It is also beneficial for sensitive skin. Use it in small amounts, excessive use might lead to the opposite. Hang the aloe vera stem overnight, keeping the open-side upside down so that the yellow juice gets out of the gel. Scoop out the gel and apply it on your skin. If you don’t have access to the plant, then buy products that have aloe vera content.

Green Aloe Vera Plants


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