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Senior exercises tips to remain stable and healthy


Staying active in any age of your life benefits you. By active it means doing physical active as much as you can. Just living is not at all okay, living a healthy and long life is what a human being want. Choose a better way which helps you live better and longer. Not every activity is suggested in senior exercise. There are various physical activities which becomes difficult with the age. Human of age above 60 are suggested to do 30-40 minutes of activity which will be helpful for them. For better stability and mobility one should never leave physical activities.

Following are four types of categories in senior exercise:

  • Strengthen exercise helps in making your muscles stronger and increase their stability. Resistance belt can also help in building strength. If you are able to then you can also try for weight lifting.
  • If you want to prevent falls than try doing balancing exercise. It helps in maintaining stability and mobility. 
  • Try Zumba, aerobics and dancing. These are part of endurance exercises. It helps in maintain heart rate and also look after your breathing issues.     

People who are age of 100 and above have definitely did something that is why they live for so long. Doing physical activity will small steps is very beneficial for a healthy and long life. Since certain exercises and activities become difficult to do with age, we have some tips for senior exercises. 

  1. Yoga is the key of long life.
  2. Look after your spinal health.
  3. Do hip mobility exercise and activities.
  4. Adapt exercise which strengthens your hands.
  5. Make your fitness your private. 

If you were not active currently then take a slow start. Thus, slowly work up for your goal. Just work according to your exercise and make a proper schedule of senior exercises. You can also consult to a health care provider who will suggest you what type of senior exercise your body needs. 

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