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3 step skincare routine can be a miracle in reducing stress, proven by science.


Science never stops amusing us. Recently, a study has proved that a secure practice of three-step skincare routine can reduce a lot of stress. It functions by decreasing the secretion of cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone which is secreted by adrenal glands, mostly when we are under particular pressure. 3 step skincare routine is easy to follow and give fantastic results. 3 step skincare routine is fundamental skincare treatment but is very helpful in reducing stress and act as a high armour against acne blemishing. When your skin glow and more than perfect, you feel less self-conscious and can focus on your work without any stress.    

~What is three-step skincare routine?

In three-step skincare, you mainly need a cleanser, toner and at last, moisturizer. 

  1. Cleanser

It is a very first step of three-step skincare routine. Many people ignore this step and do not follow it properly. You can use an electric brush if you are an expert, but it is best to use your hands. One pump of foam of cleanser is enough for your skin cleaning. One must gently apply it to avoid redness or itching afterwards.

  1. Toner

If you feel like your skin is losing glow, then you need this step of three steps skincare will be very beneficial for your skin. Toner acts as a remover of dead skin cell from your skin and cleans the surface of your skin. It removes excess oil from your skin which is the main reason for dead skin cells. It is a very gentle and light, yet useful tool against acne and clogs. 

  1. Moisturizer

Cleanser and toner hydrate your skin very finely. But, if one does not use moisturizer, then the skin will lose all it moist and softness. So, the 3rd step of 3 step skincare routine is moisturizer. It locks the moisture and toning of the skin obtained by above two mentioned steps. It keeps your complexion hydrated and keeps your skin smooth. 

While choosing you, skincare regimes never go for harsh chemical and always choose natural ingredients. Follow some do’s and don’ts so that there is no adverse effect 

~How stress and pressure affect your skin?

Many studies have proved that skin growth and glow both majorly depend on mental and physical well-being. A science study is known as psychophysiology (it refers to the relationship between psychological and physiological matters) is an excellent subject of discussion in today’s generation. Therefore emotions like love, stress, mental pressure and sadness affect a lot on your skin even more than you can think.  

 While one is under pressure or stress, the body releases hormones like cortisol which produce more oil. Thus, oily skin is more prone to acne and also generates other skin problem. Pressure work as a toping and worsen skin problems. Also, when we know that our skin is more than perfect and is glowing, it boosts up our self-esteem. Thus it helps in increasing confidence, and you become naturally happy. 

Adapting a skincare routine brings a change in your life, and you become happy for trying something new. You glow differently when you are confident about your skin. 

In a study, it was also proven that 3 step skincare routine reduces cortisol of an average of 435 ng/dl at baseline to 73.3 ng/dl. This is a huge amount of reduction in cortisol hormone. Thus, 3 step skincare routine reduces a tremendous amount of stress and makes you feel calm and relaxed. 

In fact, many 3 step skincare routine users have accepted that their skin looks less stressed and looks fresher. 

~How Three-Step Skincare Routine Helps in Reducing stress?

Many three-step skincare routine users have accepted that adapting a three-step skincare routine helps in reducing a lot of stress. It acts as a miracle and acts as a relief against anxiety and stress. Pampering your skin even for one hour can help a lot. It’s like; you can keep your skin and mind both in a healthy state with the help of fixed three-step skincare routine. A non-complex skincare routine is enough to keep your skin healthy. Less oily skin will make you feel fresh and hygienic both.

A three-step skincare routine helps you mentally in the following ways:

  1. Boost up Your Confidence- A healthy skin looks as good as a fabulous dress you wear. It maintains your self-esteem, and you glow naturally. No matter what you wear but unhealthy skin can put negative impact.  
  2. It gives alter the level of comfort and satisfaction- Since skincare routine takes at least half an hour to one hour, it makes you feel calm. What can be better than taking out some time for yourself and taking care of your skin?
  3. “Me time” relaxation- While you take care of your skin during skincare routine, the time pauses, and you can slow down for some time. This time of your skin routine is a pause and a relaxing session for you.
  4. Mark your goals- while skincare routine, you will get a lot of time to think and stop for a moment. At that time, you can think about your work and can divide it into small goals, which at last will reduce your stress. 
  5. “MENTAL HEALTH”- from very starting, this article has been focusing on how a 3 step skincare routine can be helpful for your mental health. It reduces a lot of stress and keeps you fresh and cool.

Ingredients such as rosemary, calendula extract are some of the essential oils which can be included in the regime. These essential oils produce a delicious aroma which relaxes your mind.    

It’s not like that, that skincare routine is a solution to everything, but it helps a lot. It not only positively affects ones mental health but also pause your life to think, to work and to set goals!!  

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