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How Face-Yoga Can Help Fight Anti-Aging And Relieve Stress?


With each passing minute, we grow older and older. And on every birthday, we feel happy about the face that are we are slowly getting mature. However, we also feel sad that we have got a year older. Every human being has the constant need to feel young and stress free. However, not everyone can achieve. We try using different products, spend thousands on a dermatologist, and do other things that cost us money but don’t do much in return.

Not everyone can afford a cosmetic surgery. However, not everyone who can afford a facelift/cosmetic surgery are happy with the results. Basically, you cannot change what is natural. If you try to tamper with nature, it certainly tends to have ghastly consequences. In the 21st century, stress has automatically become a part of everyone’s daily routine. No matter how hard and smart you work, stress finds a way to reach you. There are only a few out there who can cope effectively with stress. However, compared to them, there are several others who resort to unusual means to relieve their stress. These unusual ways tend to do your body more harm than stress. If the methods are incorrect, they tend to have some severe consequences which tend to stress a person out more than he/she already is. 

But there is a simple solution to deal with all this which is Face-Yoga. Yoga is a vital element of the Indian culture. Over the years, many young men and women have resorted to yoga as a tool to stay fit, sharp, and healthy. Yoga is practiced by people belonging to every group. Right from an 8-year-old to an 80-year-old, everyone can do Yoga. For it is the most convenient and safest way to keep your internal and external organs sharp and well oiled.

What Is Face Yoga?

Facial Yoga uses the same principles we apply to keep the body feeling fit and youthful. Facial yoga is a series of poses designed to tone your muscles in places like the jaw-line, mouth, eyes, and forehead. 

When done correctly and under the supervision of a certified counsellor, Face Yoga can actually give you all the benefits of Botox injections or syringes without actually putting the injection inside your face. The benefits of face yoga are instant. Unlike any medical treatment, you don’t have to wait for a month to see these benefits. Because benefits of face yoga come to you straight up. You can see your face uplifted, cheek uplifted, and your under-eye lightened instantly with the right technique and right strokes.

Face Yoga As An Anti-Aging Tool

If you give facial yoga a go, you will never think about going under the knife for an anti-aging facial surgery. Here are a few reasons as to why you should opt for
face-yoga and how it will act as an anti-aging tool:

  1. A Natural Therapy

Facial Yoga is as natural as it gets. It releases tension which we hold in our face and neck. Face Yoga teaches you to become more aware more of those muscles so you can release them anytime you feel tightness creeping up.

  1. Reduces Wrinkles

They say that with age, comes wisdom. However, they forgot to mention that with age, comes wrinkles as well. Wrinkles usually come with age. However, wrinkles also come when we’re constantly tensing muscles in the face like the muscles around the eyes and mouth. Face Yoga teaches you to release all the unhealthy tension that is carving those wrinkles

  1. Promotes Collagen Production

Face-Yoga also promotes collagen production. The muscle activity we do because of face-yoga tends to boost collagen production. This keeps the skin younger looking and glowing

  1. Cheaper Than Medical Intervention

As we mentioned earlier, Face-Yoga is the best possible substitute there is for every anti-aging surgery or Botox doses. Whether you follow a face-yoga video on YouTube or take a facial yoga class, it is going to cheaper. 

Face Yoga As Stress Buster!

As we mentioned earlier, Stress has automatically become a part of everyone’s diet in the 21st century. Almost everything that we see around us has the ability to stress us out. And stress is by far the worst thing to have as it ultimately leads to an increased blood pressure, alopecia (Baldness), strokes, heart attack, anxiety, depression, abnormal heart rhythms, and several other cardiovascular disorders.

No matter how hard you try, you can escape your way out of stress. It tends to find a way of reaching. However, what we can do is we can set a routine to effectively manage stress so that it doesn’t take its toll on our body. Just as its important to feel healthy on the outside, it is highly important that we feel healthy on the inside as well. 

Face-Yoga helps you fight anti-aging by giving you a more youthful and a glowing skin. But at the same time, face-yoga tends to make feel as good as possible on the inside by acting a major stress reliever. We all know that when we feel good on the inside, that feeling tends to radiate on the outside.

So here is how face yoga relives stress. Following are some techniques you can follow and use face-yoga as a stress buster:

  1. Rub your hands together building up some warmth and energy in that area and just put your hands over your face. The warmth generated relaxes the facial muscles. Make sure you have completely CLEAN hands when you do this exercise
  1. Inhale through the nose, tense the hand a little bit, and this time breathe out with your mouth while sticking out your tongue. Repeat this technique 3 times in a row 
  1. For this technique, all you have to do is inhale and exhale through the nose while massaging the temple area. This technique has to be done for 1 complete minute in which you have massage your temple area in clockwise as well as anti-clockwise direction for 30 seconds each. 

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