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6 Simple Fashion Tips To Make You Look Younger


With each passing birthday we celebrate, we also feel a bit down for getting a year older. We wish we could stay the same age throughout our life. If it only were that simple. As we grow old, we desperately try out things that’ll make us look younger than we what we currently are. From using anti-ageing products to wearing a younger person’s wardrobe, we don’t leave anything out of context. It’s perfectly natural given how human beings have a constant need of standing out and looking desirable every time. But there is a time when we give up on our desire and want for looking younger. Not everyone can afford cosmetic surgery. But there are still things we can do to make our self-look just a bit younger than our actual age.

Tom Cruise is a prime example of this. Though being 56-year-old, he keeps the audience guessing when it comes to his age. In an interview, he revealed that working out is the crucial element and forms the base for everything.

Therefore, the first thing you should focus on is working out. The more you stay in shape, the fitter you feel and certainly look more desirable. So, exercise forms a fundamental part of your journey if you wish to look and feel young. Everyone tries to look their best every day. Because when you look good, you feel good. 

Another major factor that will help you look younger and make you feel good is selecting the right fashion. Because your fashion choice mostly affects the way you want to watch. Sometimes, poor fashion choices can lead to you looking at the exact opposite of how you wanted to look like. Therefore, fashion should be considered if you’re going to make yourself look young again. 

So, here are six fashion tips to make you look younger.

6 Fashion Tips To Make You Look Younger

There is a fine line between dressing younger and dressing in a way that feels appropriate for your age. So, in this article, we’re going to discuss, you can wear to make yourself look more youthful. But always keep in mind that your age will still play a crucial role in your fashion choices. There are times when you’ll automatically pick out clothes according to your age. This will be more like a reflex action than a planned decision.

So here are six fashion tips to make you look younger and more youthful:

  1. Wear Jeans

The first and foremost step to look youthful and feel young is wearing jeans. Remember, the key is to wear stylish jeans. So, if you haven’t updated your jeans in a while, this might be the time for you to go shopping. Because when you wear a new pair of jeans, it is going to make the overall look much more youthful. Whether it’s a distressed jean, or a pair of skinny jeans or are a pair which is fresh and slim fit, wearing a pair of fashionable jeans that are current and happening will make you overall look much more youthful thus making you feel and look young. 

  1. Wear Leather

Now, this step will help you look young and sexier at the same time. The essential tip here is to wear leather or faux leather. This is where we might feel as if we’re doing a bit too much or trying to hard and have a bunch of other questions. However, in reality, the answer is NO to all those. You can wear a leather jacket, leather blazer, and even a pair of good leather shoes if it fits the occasion. A leather jacket or blazer never goes wrong, just like the colour BLACK. A good leather jacket/blazer will undoubtedly add to a bit of dapperness which will, in turn, help you achieve the younger look.

 Similarly, leather shoes go well for almost every formal occasion. Not just a youthful look, but wearing leather can also boost your confidence. Wearing leather helps you to tell the world that you’re a confident person who is very stylish and likes beautiful things.

A black/brown leather jacket worn over a white T-shirt followed by dark/navy blue jeans never misses. 

  1. Wear Trends 

Going with the trend is one of the most critical things in the 21st century. Therefore, you must wear as per the pattern as well. You will have multiple questions regarding the trend. But the answer to all this is to forget about them and just ahead with it. If you are going to try a pattern, the key is to pick one piece, one trend, and keep everything else neutral classic. Wearing trends makes you look modern and positively more youthful. So do wear trends.

  1. Wear Neutral Colours

There might be many of you for whom wearing black might not feel right. You might feel it gives you an ageing look and there are times when it gives you an ageing look. If you feel like any particular colour gives you an ageing look, you can always try neutral tones and shades. Neutral colours, such as white, ivory, beige, brown, etc. do tend to look more beautiful if worn appropriately. At the same time, you’ll end up getting rid of that ageing look and start feeling more and more youthful.

  1. Always Think About Pairings

Though it may come later down this list, this step is one of the most important things to pay attention to. The key to achieving that youthful look is always to choose strategic pairings. Meaning, you can still obtain the perfect combination of traditional and classic. Instead of sticking to just one of the above, strategically pairing up your clothing combination will help you look young and certainly very modern.

  1. Wear Supportive Undergarments

This is an area that requires the utmost attention. Some of us might be negligible towards wearing undergarments. However, wearing undergarments acts as a base for your outfit to look even better on you. Undergarments tend to soak up the sweat while working as a support to the clothes you have on. No matter what the occasion or your chosen fashion trend is, always wear supportive undergarments. 

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