If our situation is described in one line, then that would be “we are stuck within the four walls.” Simple. And yet there is no ray of hope of improving the scenario. Now, what to do? Already so many lives lost, and it is high time we need to stay at home for our own sake and others. But it is not like that we don’t have problems at home. And we can’t seek help from the professionals now. So what? Worry not. We have listed down few home remedies to some of the problems which might creep up from nowhere and one should be prepared in that case.


There are obvious chances that you might get acne during your lockdown and you can’t even visit your dermatologist. Acne can cause for various factors like hormonal imbalances to increased sebum production. Before the advent of chemical solutions at the stores, people used to seek solutions from the natural ingredients and this is the time when you should too. Make a natural mask of honey and yogurt and spread it evenly on the face. Keep it for 30 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. You can also use a papaya puree instead of honey.


Come on, we all know this is going to happen. This is the time when we are going to slouch and sleep all day and watch Netflix. And also, do our office work for hours, with our backs bent. So, back pain is bound to happen (it is not like that we didn’t have it before). The simple solution is a hot water bag. Or apply heat with a cloth filled with thyme or rosemary or heat packs. Another way is salty relief, warm a cup of salt in a pan, pour and tie in a sock or cloth, and press on the required parts. But keep in mind, maintain a good posture even when you are lazy and use a chair for the backrest. Try to do as much exercise as possible. Don’t let the fat get you.


This is a very tough time indeed and stress and worries might devour you. The gnawing tensions might not let you sleep properly and this leads to health problems like insomnia. If you are not lactose intolerant, then have a glass of warm milk with ground almonds one hour before bedtime. Or have a cup of camomile tea. Camomile tea has calming effects which will slow down your anxieties and help you sleep. One can also use scented candles, which will act as aromatherapy. Make sure your bed is clean and comfortable. Try not to watch or do anything that involves screen timing. Read a book or meditate before going to sleep. Note that, you also might need to make some lifestyle changes in order to sleep well.


Headaches can be a very irritating thing and will keep you annoyed all day long. It can happen for several reasons, like stress, cold, change of weather, excessive screen time, eye power, psychological issues, migraines, etc. many take painkillers to reduce the headache but it is not always healthy to do so. But here are some natural remedies for your headache. Try to keep your eyes closed and sleep straight in a dark room. If you do not have a cold, then apply an ice pack. But if the opposite, put on some warm cloth on your forehead and lie down. You can also have a nice, warm cup of tea. Neck compresses can also soothe tension-related headaches.


It is that time of the year when we are rigorously washing our hands every hour, and we should do. But the constant washing takes away the essential oils from the hands and makes it dry, and thus exposing to the infections. So what’s the solution? Avoid harsh soaps and too hot water and try to wear gloves while working, and immediately apply moisturizers after washing hands. To keep your hands soft, use a hand cream daily. Soaking hands once a week in warm olive oil will also restore the softness. For a moisturizing emulsion that will cleanse, stir 1 spoon of honey and juice of half lemon into a half cup of milk. For an exfoliating scrub that will smooth rough skin, stir one spoon sugar into a little lemon and rub your hands with it before rinsing with warm water.


Apart from taking care of the skin, it is also important to take care of the skin below the neck. Decades before the introduction of chemical products, natural ingredients used to provide the required nutrients, moisture, and subtle fragrances to soothe and refresh skin. Now is the perfect time to bring them back. Take half a cup of squash, one peach, one-fourth of cucumber, one spoon of honey and one egg white, and blend all of them in a grinder. Apply it on your skin and wait for 20-25 minutes and shower them away.


Anything can happen and you never know. Rather than panicking later on it is better to be prepared beforehand. Stings from bees, wasps, and fire ants can be painful but are usually harmless. But if you have severe results, then please call a doctor. Insect bites are not new and hence natural remedies are already available. To relieve the pain of bee, wasp and ant stings, soak a cloth in very cold water and wring it out, or use an ice pack covered with a damp cloth. To prevent swelling, place fresh slices of onion (a natural anti-inflammatory) or lemon on the sting.


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