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Anti Ageing Tips And Lifestyle Changes For Women In Their 30s

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When a woman turns 30, her body will begin to defy her in some unpleasant ways. However, it’s not at all bad. Sometimes these changes can help encourage women to slow it down. In short, it is nature’s way of changing life’s gear. When a woman reaches her 30s, she starts undergoing some significant lifestyle changes that may or may not be pleasing. However, one thing we all need to understand is that these changes are perfectly natural, and every woman their age is going through the same. There comes a time every woman’s life when she has to start again both mentally as well as physically. 

A woman’s life changes when she reaches her teenage, after she becomes an adult, after she falls in love, after she starts her career after she gets married, and after she gives birth. Compared to women, men go through absolutely nothing in terms of physical changes. That is why women are always considered stronger than men in every way.

If you are in your 30s, you might be experiencing some significant changes amongst the following. Here are a few changes every woman in her 30s goes through:

  1. Slowed Metabolism

Up until age 30, your metabolism is as start as it can get. But the minute you go from 31 to 30, you can immediately feel your metabolism slowing down.

  1. Longer And Extremely Bad Hangovers

When you were 20, you were able to go right back to work after partying hard the night before. This was because your body was quickly able to adapt to the routine and was continually making the necessary changes. However, as you turn 30, you will experience that your hangovers will be getting longer and possibly worse than how they used to be

  1. Ageing Signs Are Visible

You start seeing your first signs of ageing. Though it is a natural and healthy part of your life, it tends to creep up on your life. This can be pretty unpleasant and can leave you with a reduced sense of confidence.

  1. Your Periods Can Get Worse

Teens can learn brutal periods when they are 20, and the brutal part usually ends when you turn 30. Because as you turn 30, so does your body matures, and with that, your period tends to get much worse. The days with excruciating cramps and pains can return with a vengeance and will have you missing work and spending the day in bed.

Anti Ageing Tips And Lifestyle Changes For Women In Their 30s

Now that you are familiar with the changes that take place in woman’s body int their 30s, the second important thing is to make the necessary adjustments. These adjustments and tips are helpful and will make you adapt to your changing lifestyle and body comfortably and with greater ease. However, the older you get, the more you come to terms with harsh bodily changes. So the important thing is to ensure that you brush off these changes and start working on slowing them down.

We all want to look young forever. But in due course of time, our body goes through so much that our natural glow fades with age. But with the right habits and a few lifestyle changes, you can inevitably delay the signs of ageing. Do NOT wait for signs of ageing. It is always better to start taking care of your skin before seeing lines and wrinkles develop on it. 

Therefore, here are a few anti ageing tips and lifestyle changes for women in their 30s

  1. Regular Exercise

As we mentioned it above, as you turn 30, your metabolism starts slowing down. This means your digestion process will be prolonged and your body will take significantly more time to break down the food you eat. Regular exercise will help you normalise your body’s metabolism. It will keep your body in shape and grant you immunity against all both internal as well as external threats. 

  1. Cleanse

Don’t wait for fine lines and wrinkles to appear on your skin. Always start protecting and maintaining your skin well in advance. To get healthy and glowing skin, cleanse your skin thoroughly with a healthy Vitamin C serum before going to bed at night or after you wake. Make sure you wash your skin at least twice a day to protect it from damage. 

  1. Moisturise Daily

Moisturiser is a vital element of the skincare routine. We all know how much moisture our body retains and how much it gets rid off. Our skin usually gets rid of the moisture and retains relatively lower than required. Therefore, it is essential to keep your skin moisturised. This will help prevent dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. 

  1. Oil Your Hair Frequently

When you turn 30, you are bound to find your first grey hair. This is perfectly natural and happens to each and everyone irrespective of their sex. You will find your first grey hair during your 30s. But this can be taken care of by setting up a good hair care routine. Ensure you oil your hair from time to time to make sure that necessary proteins reach the root of your hair. Consult a competent dermatologist who can prescribe you with vital hair care serums that will improve the quality of your hair and keep it healthy.

  1. Increase Your Water Intake

Water should be the first essential element in your fight against anti-ageing. Increasing your water intake will keep your skin hydrated at all times. This will help you achieve a healthy and glowing looking skin and will considerably make you look younger. On average, you should drink about 1 litre of water every morning and
4-5 litres daily. 

  1. Sunscreen

UV rays are a significant cause for fine lines and wrinkles. Prolonged exposure to heat and UV rays will speed up your ageing process. They can leave your skin feeling dry and dehydrated. So don’t forget to apply a generous amount of sunscreen before you step out of the house.


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